Experience our one-on-one coaching process through our “Warrior Coaching System”. The Warrior Coaching System focuses on all aspects of your body to help you develop not just a Warrior Body, but a Warrior Heart and Mind as well. How does it work?


We schedule two 1-hour sessions with you. 

Session 1: Baseline – let's find out where you are and where you want to be! First, you will receive a Functional Movement Screen®, followed by corrective exercises tailored just for you. Afterwards we will discuss your goals and give you an introduction on how we help you work through our Warrior Coaching program.


Sessions 2: Work on your goals with us! You will have a one hour session with Mickey and Joyell, that includes about 30 minutes focused on developing a Warrior Body and 30 minutes focused on developing a Warrior Heart and Mind.



What do we mean by working on a Warrior Heart, Warrior Mind and Warrior Body?

While a lot of personal training and work-outs focus just on “losing weight”, we realize there is much more to being “well” than just losing weight. Here are a few examples of what we will discuss during our sessions:

Warrior Heart: 

Do you see a bigger picture with your life? Are you pursuing your dreams, living with a passion and purpose – no matter your age? How are the relationships in your life?


Warrior Mind:

How are you dealing with stress? (We all have it, but if not handled, it's effects can be very unhealthy). Are you getting enough sleep? Your brain and mind need it for you to be healthy! Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Are your learning new things to keep your mind sharp?


Warrior Body:

How “well” do you move? Sometimes just starting exercise can lead to injury.  We screen you and help you move well, so that you can move as much as you want! How do you eat? Nutrition is so important to a healthy life.


This is just a small taste of what “personal training” looks like to us. Come give our Warrior Coaching System a try!

Members: $25.00/hr session; Min. of 2 sessions | Non-Members: $30.00/hr session; Min. of 2 sessions

All participants must sign a waiver. Please find the appropriate waiver HERE.

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