Functional Movement Screen (FMS)® is a 7 test movement screen that measures total body movement patterns, not just individual joint movements.  These 7 tests have been clinically researched to identify mobility, stability or motor control problems and asymmetries in the body that could make you more susceptible to injury.  Based on the FMS® score, an individualized corrective exercise program is then provided to each person. 

Our certified trainers will be happy to screen your movement and help you understand how to improve the efficiency of your movement and the effectiveness of your workout! 


This is great for teams and individual athletes of all ages to use as well. Group/team discounts are available.

Visit: to learn more about the FMS® and its use in helping amateur and professional athletes all over the world. 


Call Warrior 7 Wellness today to schedule YOUR screen! Begin your path of moving better!

Single Screen: $25.00| FREE screen for all members

All participants must sign a waiver. Please find the appropriate waiver HERE.

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