About Us

Warrior 7 Wellness, LLC is a company founded by Mickey and Joyell Leonard.

Joyell is a homeschooling mother of 5 amazing kids.  She has a Master’s degree in Education, is a Certified Refit® Group Fitness Instructor and has a certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching.

Mickey has almost a decade of past experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  He also has a B.S. in Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Athletic Training.  He is currently a Certified Personal Trainer, is certified to perform the Functional Movement Screen® and is also A.C.E certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Mickey and Joyell combine their expertise to offer total body wellness opportunities to groups and individuals from age 5 and up.

Our Vision

At Warrior 7 Wellness, our programs and services are devoted to helping you discover your inner warrior.  Our focus will be on unleashing your:

                                                                                                         Warrior Heart

                                                                                                         Warrior Mind

                                                                                                         Warrior Body 


We believe that a warrior heart lives with passion and purpose, for a cause greater than oneself; a warrior mind is alert, clear, focused and willing to continuously learn; a warrior body strives to be strong, move well, and eat healthy.

At Warrior 7 Wellness, we live out these core values:

Outreach – Our warriors are always looking for a way to serve others.

Faith – Fear is not welcome; risk is a normal part of living by faith!

Fun – Our warriors work hard but play hard, too!

Extraordinary – We want to stand out in everything we do.

Relationships – People are just as important as results.

Love – Love NEVER fails!

"And now, O Lord, call out your warriors!"      Joel 3:11b

Our Name 


In the Bible, the word “warrior” is mentioned many times.  It is a symbol of strength, motivation, and purpose. At Warrior 7 Wellness, we believe everyone has an inner warrior, and we want to help you discover it.



The number “7” is special to us because we are a family of seven.  God has blessed our family with five wonderful children.  Since family is so important to us, we will view each person that enters into Warrior 7 Wellness as family, too. We will encourage and support you on your personal fitness journey.



To us, wellness incorporates the whole body. Our focus will always be on helping you find your Warrior Heart, Warrior Mind, and Warrior Body.


At Warrior 7 Wellness, we believe that God has called all of us to something better, and we look forward to helping you find it.    

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